LP-Trying hard to ride out lockdown & how we can reopen


Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my first ever blog.

This is an inside look on how our little business muddled through the dreaded lock down.

I don’t want to moan because it’s not all been bad. Yes, our team have had to make changes we didn’t necessarily want to but that has been the case for many of us.

LP has had to tighten the purse strings, that’s for sure and this will be the case for years to come… lots to pay back 

Unfortunately, LP wasn’t able to receive one of the grants from the government. The reason being we don’t pay business rates so this was a massive blow. However, our landlord Chris & Vic from Miller & Holland have been amazing giving us so much support, Also SBC has been a lifeline I cannot thank them enough. This is just one of the lovely things I’ve noticed over the last year, the kindness of people & and how so many have gone out of their way to help LP survive.

We have also had massive amounts of support from ATLIVE who has gone above and beyond helping us keep active on social media keeping LP in people’s minds.

Personally, I have made some lovely friends through this pandemic. I’ve had lots of conversations with new & existing clients through our social media. I truly believe we have helped each other get through this.

To our wonderful clients all I can say is…THANK YOU! If it wasn’t for your support LP would not be reopening on the 13th of April. You have stuck by us and for this our little team are truly grateful.

An exciting thing that happened to LP during lockdown was the creation of our own Face & Body products. This was something we’ve wanted to do for such a long time but actually never had the time. Come lockdown we definitely had all the time needed. It makes us so happy you love the products as much as our team do. A lot of love, care, experience & knowledge have gone into them. 

Another exciting thing that happened was the new website with our very own online shop. Love it so much thank you all for the feedback. Check it out @lepetit.uk 

For those of you missing Marley he’s very happy he is loving having us all at home. We have been meeting up for dog walks with one of his friends most days, Bailey, Narla & Zyro (although he is missing Ox from downstairs) he did a 5-hour walk to Marlborough at the weekend. I’m sure his legs have got smaller

So, all in all its has been hard and stressful at times but also lovely and very humbling.

So excited to get our team back together and get back at it we have missed our LP very much & you lovely lot 



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